Colonoscopy Number 3

Hello….for those of you who have been wondering & praying, thank-you~

 We just got home from A I duPont after taking Jana for her third
colonoscopy & endoscopy. She did very well. The Dr. found a “wrinkling”
in the esophagus that he biopsied. He said it looks like nothing to be
concerned about. It could be an allergy etc.
 The colonoscopy showed another polyp which was removed and sent
off to be biopsied as well. Those results should be back in 7 – 10 days.
She will have another one in a year to a year and a half.
 We have much to be grateful for and appreciate the prayer support
we have felt today & in the past. Thanks for caring!  Marty & Lori

We just returned from the hospital yesterday, 7/27 with Jana. Another colonoscopy & endoscopy was done….the GI doctor found 2 small polyps which he was able to remove. We are waiting for biopsy results which should be back in 7 – 10 days. The DR. seems to think that we can go another year before another colonoscopy needs to be done…as long as the biopsies come back negative (OK). Jana was a bit dizzy coming out of anesthesia this time, but handled the prep much better than last time. As usual we received great care at A I DuPont!
We got home rather late in the day and are still hoping to catch up with our immediate family! Joelle just came home from a missions trip to Jamaica, while Lauren is feverishly working towards graduation (4 weeks away) & working some nights.
We continue to be blessed with friends that deeply care & pray for our family….it really means much to us! As we wait, we are again trusting God for His will, not ours~ Love, Lori for all of “us”…

We are home….

Hello to everyone….we are home! The appointments went very well. We met this morning with Dr. Gripp from Genetics….Melanie truly is a very special young lady and very rare. We have come to realize that genes, DNA, etc. are very much beyond any control that we think we might have. This afternoon our appointments were with Dr. Walter, & Dr. Powell sat in on the initial consultation. They are both oncologists. They were very reassuring that our children, aside from Jana with the “flat” polyp, do not need to be seen in their office. “We like your family, but we don’t want to see you, except for any questions or visits!” Those were very welcome words to hear. Marty & I have an 80% increased risk of colon cancer around age 45, and thereafter less risk for other cancers. The same will be true for Jana, Cameron, & Lauren when they are older. They will need screenings after age 20. Joelle did have blood work drawn to check on her thyroid. It seemed a bit enlarged.
Jana will be scheduled for surgery sometime this summer to remove the flat polyp. The GI Dr. will be in touch with us on this. During that surgery, they will biopsy the polyp and let us know those results. If everything is OK, she will be “cleared” until age 20 as well.
We had lunch with a good friend, Karen W. and also got to see many dear people during our time there today. I have realized again how very blessed we have been to have such wonderful people to give us excellent care. We love DuPont… and 3CN…if we have to be there! 🙂
Before we left this morning I was reading:

The Lord is compassionate and gracious…he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. –Psalm103:8, 10
…also Psalm 23:6…”surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…”
I was reminded how we have gotten much more than we deserve~God’s grace & mercy! We have really been blessed because of that grace & mercy that God has chosen to heap on us….it is what we have been praying for as a family!
Another family posted recently, “If I am in charge of my life, I have everything to worry about. If God is in charge, I can be at peace and let Him lead.”
Thanks so much for praying & caring for us again…we are very grateful to be surrounded by people that really have been the hands & feet of our Heavenly Father. We love you all~
Marty & Lori, Lauren,
Joelle, Cameron & Jana

A little more info.

We hardly know how to begin…there’s a strange part of us that for 5 very long months, we have been waiting some news….good or bad. Marty made a phone call a few days ago to the Genetics department and asked to have someone call back. They had told us that it is very possible that the DNA testing on our 4 living children would be back by the end of May. We had decided that we did not want to wait until we went for the appts. to hear those results. Well, the phone call came Friday. Melanie would have had one “copy” from Marty and one “copy” from Lori. Today they told us that Lauren, Cameron & Jana each have one “copy”.  Joelle has no “copy”. There was nothing said about Jana’s polyps. They will have to be screened every so often.  The 3 children with the one “copy” are at a higher risk for cancer.  It is also very likely that they would be able to pass this gene on to their children. It depends on what their spouse would bring into the equation.

As far as Jana’s polyps, she is very aware that this issue is unresolved. We will hopefully be able to find some answers at the time of our appointments. That part seems very uncertain and a bit unsettling. In a lot of ways, it is a little scary to get our hopes up that everything is looking good. We are certainly overwhelmed and very grateful that our news is much better than what we had feared. After talking to the children, they seemed to be very relieved as well. Lori was telling Jana that the polyp issue was still not taken care of and there may even need to be some surgery….Jana said, “That’s OK! ….they can take it!” Jana especially seemed to have quite a weight lifted from her little mind.

As far as the near future goes…we hope to have a plan and some direction when we go for the appointments. We have been praying for God’s grace & mercy. We feel like He has heard the cry  of our hearts. It is so easy to say we trust God when we get what we ask for & feel like life is still in our control…the real test for us has been when life is way out of our control…can I still say God is good….all the time?

Thanks for all the prayers prayed on our behalf. It really means a lot!  Love, Lori for all the     Miller’s

An appointment….

On Friday April 30, I came home to a message on the answering machine from the genetics dept. at A I duPont. I returned the phone call. We have appointments for all of our children on June 8th. We will be seeing Dr. Gripp (Genetics) in the morning, then Dr. Walter (Oncology) in the afternoon. The genetic testing should be finished by the end of May. We have the option of a phone call to give us those results before the appointments. Lauren will not be going with us because of her clinical schedule, although they may discuss her results as well. The day will be filled with lots of discussions and exams. Nothing more has been said about Jana’s polyps.
Needless to say, none of the children are excited about this. As parents, we are feeling that God is ultimately in control regardless of the “science” of everything. It has not been easy to know how to prepare our family for this day. At this point, we are simply asking God to extend His grace & mercy to us again. We are so grateful to each of you for caring and joining us to pray. There are many days that we come back to that concept of Jesus praying before He went to the Cross….”Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not My will, but Yours be done.” Love, Marty & Lori & family

While we were gone to student Convention last week, A I duPont called and wanted to give us a DNA update. After leaving messages on three different days, the genetics dept. called Tuesday night. I was very relieved that they did not call back on Monday the 19th…Jana turned 9 years old. Marty took the call. There is no info from their department on Jana’s polyps. They did confirm that they believe Melanie had Turcot syndrome. Marty & I each carry 1 “copy”. Melanie had a “dual copy”…1 copy from each of us which caused the syndrome. They also found a “deletion” in her DNA. They do not know what that means, since DNA testing is a relatively new science. They have requested our permission to test our other 4 children as well. They will use the DNA samples that were drawn back in December 2009 at the time of their colonoscopies etc. They will call and schedule a time to meet with us in the coming weeks.
It has been tough to begin to process our feelings…..again. Not sure where to go from here except to again commit our lives to our Heavenly Father…the valley feels dark and uncertain at times, but we are committed to being faithful until we hear the words, “well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord!” Only because of His grace….Lori for the Miller’s

February 24, 2010

Two years ago Melanie took her last breath. It hardly seems possible, and other times it seems like a long time ago. We draw a lot of peace from the fact that she is waiting for us. At first it was difficult to think that because of what she is experiencing…she would not want to come back, but then to think that she wants us to be where she is, gives a lot of joy. Though I know she is so happy and in good Hands, it would be selfish to wish her back, but we still miss her in a huge way~
The world of cancer still goes on for many families, survivors and fighters. These warriors are our teachers. I am learning that life is a “mixed bag” of joy and pain. It is so much easier to “weep with those that weep”, than to “rejoice with those that rejoice”, when I am the one hurting from pain. It is a challenge, and yet I am so very grateful, when I read the words “benign” or NED(no evidence of disease), that for some families God does choose to physically heal. God does really see the storm from the other side. One Day I will to. Until then, we desire to be faithful to the One who promised a crown of life to those that overcome and endure to the end~